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SEO continues to be a major motivator for marketers everywhere. In this piece, we’ll go through the most significant upcoming trends so you may improve your website and online activity. You will be better positioned to achieve higher rankings, which will promote your growth and success.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In order to select the websites that will respond to a user’s search query, search engines like Google trawl through billions of websites and other online resources while assessing hundreds of online criteria.

In order to do this, search engines “crawl” and “index” content. They then rank the pertinent content according to how closely it fits the user’s search. Additionally, you must regularly improve both the technical and content quality of your website if you want it to be indexed and ranked better by search engines.

Since the beginning of search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a component of digital marketing and is a science unto itself. When your site starts to go up in the search engine results, it takes time and effort to implement a superb SEO strategy, but the long-term value is unmatched.

Here the trends that will inform SEO Strategies in 2022.

  • Quality Content
  • The Importance of User Intent
  • Localization of SERPs
  • Images & Visual Content
  • Automation
  • Mobile & User Experience
  • The E-A-T Principle

Quality Content

Numerous pages are regularly marked in Google Search Console as “Discovered, presently not indexed” when large sites are audited. Understanding this exclusion type in the GSC Coverage report and paying attention to the trends Google is aiming to highlight are essential.

Investigate the general interests of the target audience, classify those entities by topic, and rank them according to their relevance to the company goals rather than adding hundreds of generic pieces of content to the website.

Having high-quality content for the entire site that is SEO-optimized is essential, and content performance goes hand in hand with that.

The Importance of User Intent

Avoid using “SEO content” as your initial frame of reference. Instead, design content for specific readers while considering user intent and keywords. In order to provide users with the most pertinent information that will satisfy their needs, whether transactional, commercial, navigational, or instructive, Google is actively attempting to ascertain the purpose of their search.

Understanding the relationship between your keywords and knowing how to use them to target search intent currently makes the difference between a successful and failed search strategy, and this relationship will only get stronger in 2022. The creation of content should follow a comprehensive plan that emphasizes providing value to your target market.

Localization of SERPs

Due to the potential for deception to reinforce or guide beliefs, Google is under pressure to create a SERP that is fact-based. This is why reputation management should be given top priority by marketers when using wikis, GMB completion, site markup, and knowledge panels.

Google will emphasize content localization more in the upcoming year, following the pattern of country-specific content outranking that which was previously at the top of the SERPs but is now more globally focused. It is crucial to show how your work is relevant locally.

Images & Visual Content

Sites with distinctive pictures will see a big rise in image, product, and general search traffic as a result of user behavior and intent. Younger viewers, who desire distinctive lifestyle photography and can tell if an image is real or fake, are especially affected by this.

Another emerging trend is Google Lens, which will enable customers to conduct a reverse image search using a smartphone photo or one they found on a website. This development has significant implications for image optimization. Google will employ AI to help it decide if a video or picture is the best result for a consumer.

Aside from DuckDuckGo, other search engines should also be on SEO firms’ radars given its increasing user popularity


We will witness increasing automation as more Python-savvy SEO specialists emerge globally, especially in agencies where more jobs will be mechanized. Analytical tools, content and technology audits, and other research topics fall within this category.

Platforms with real-time SEO validation and alert systems are made to cut down on mistakes and keep track of them so that they can be reported as soon as they happen.

The need for enhanced automation is quickly changing from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” in order to increase execution and fill gaps in technology, skills, and resources. Particularly with regard to larger enterprise-level websites, this is true.

Mobile & User Experience

In terms of fundamental web metrics, the mobile page experience is setting the standard. Recent advancements in tools, resources, and analytics make it clear that the overall mobile experience is becoming more important.

Mobile is used across the entire buying process, from discovery to after-purchase. It is therefore crucial to think about how easily users can connect with, interact with, and use your mobile site. Not just mobile UX but also Core Web Vitals on mobile, mobile usability, mobile-first indexing, and mobile security will be impacted by this.

The E-A-T Principle

Show appropriate levels of E-A-T in your technical SEO, link building, online PR, and on-site content. E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in search engine optimization. In terms of search engines, it addresses the key elements of a website. These pillars evaluate the information’s usefulness and authoritative value (through evaluations and backlinks), at a time when websites’ ability to be trusted is crucial.

You may improve your Google ranking with the help of E-A-T. You must concentrate on content production, link building, online PR, and technical SEO to achieve this. Additionally, bear in mind the subsequent 6 stages when optimizing your website:

  1. Update your website’s content.
  2. Concentrate on link building and mentions.
  3. Get positive reviews
  4. Make an investment in site security.
  5. Improve the About and Author pages.
  6. Increase the visibility of the Contact Us page.


Implement the aforementioned tactics with Bull Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE, to improve your SEO efforts and performance.

We have now examined the SEO marketing trends for 2022, which will undoubtedly call for changes in strategy. These recommended practices can help you improve your search engine rating, which is crucial for a brand’s online visibility and exposure.

To increase the efficiency and efficacy of your SEO activities. For more info contact us  to discuss the best solutions for your business and how we can help you raise your rankings.


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